What Does My ISP See When I Use A VPN?

What Does My ISP See

Online privacy is now becoming a concern by many. In fact, many have been cautious of their own ISP could track and log your internet activity which is a common practice of ISPs. They have the ability to collect your data and information as they are covered by the data retention laws. Though this is

How to Watch Live NFL Football on Firestick

nfl firestick

NFL 2020 season comes with the most exciting matches which will end up at the Super Bowl Championship on February 6, 2021. If you are an NFL football fan and has an NFL subscription, we highly recommend to install your NFL app from the Amazon app store. How to do it? all you have to

How to hide OpenVPN traffic – A Beginner’s Guide

openvpn traffic

With VPN doing a great job in bypassing internet censorship, restrictions and blocks, governments around the world are becoming more concerned and looking for way to prevent the use of VPN to be able to circumvent their restrictions. An example of this is China with its Great Firewall, there have been reports that those who

How to encrypt your hard drive

encrypt your hard drive

Encryption helps you to protect your data from intruders. It is a technique that can be used to secure the information stored on your computer, flash drive or hard drive. If you want to protect your confidential data, encryption is a crucial measure to take. Hard drive encryption Using standard encryption methods to protect your

How to watch US Netflix in Australia

us netflix in australia

While Netflix is available in Australia, it is not a secret that the US version of the popular streaming platform offers a lot more content. If you are a Netflix subscriber in Australia, you get access to good options, but nothing compares to the variety and extensive selection that those in the United States enjoy.

Best VPN for Rugby Pass – Watch NRL Live

unblock rugby pass

Rugby Pass is known as the leading solution to stream NRL games for free in countries where there are no local partners broadcasting these matches. If you are in New Zealand or Australia, you can take advantage of Rugby Pass to enjoy all the live action of the NRL without paying a high fee, but

Best Kodi builds

kodi builds

Kodi has become an essential part of the home entertainment experience for many people. This application allows you to manage and enjoy media files in a simple and convenient way. With Kodi, it is possible to stream music, live TV, movies and more. However, what really takes Kodi’s functionality to the next level is a

Best VPN for Etisalat

etisalat vpn

Etisalat is a major telecommunications company in the United Arab Emirates, but since in this country, the internet is subject to heavy restrictions, you are likely to experience several issues whenever you try to access online services like VoIP and instant messaging apps. Categories like gambling and pornography are forbidden so if you try to

How to use Popcorn Time on Roku

Popcorn Time Roku

Popcorn Time is considered by many as a free alternative to Netflix since it offers the chance to stream movies and TV shows on-demand. Popcorn Time is an open source application that was originally launched in 2014, and while it has gone through some changes and even legal issues, it is still highly popular. Thanks

How to change PSN PlayStation Region

playstation region

Switching the country in your PS3, PS Vita or PS4, allows you to check games and apps that are not available in your location. It is worth remembering that every PS store offers different content, according to the region. For instance, if you check the PS store in the United States, you will find popular